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Transportation for Funeral Homes

Here at Angel Wings/DFW Mortuary we take pride in our transportation teams.  Our removal teams are available at anytime of the day to assist with removals and transportation services for all surrounding states and Dallas and Fort Worth funeral homes. Angel Wings/DFW Mortuary is an approved TSA known shipper.

Embalming for Funeral Homes


We have years of experience specializing in the art of embalming. Our facility is equipped with modern state-of-the-art equipment that exceeds the expectations of the Texas Funeral Service Commission, and OSHA compliance. We stand by our promise to provide elite service and embalming.

Cremation Services


We are now in the age that cremation has become the leading way of final disposition. We not only offer embalming but we also provide the service of a full cremation that includes, removal, refrigeration, documentation, cremation w/container. Please call for pricing.

On-site Refrigeration


Angel Wings/DFW Mortuary has the largest on-site walk in climate controlled facility in Dallas.   

This walk in climate controlled area is cleaned daily, and has daily temperature checks that are recorded.

American Forensics & Angel Wings/DFW Mortuary

Angel Wings/DFW Mortuary is unique by being in the same building as a pathologist private practice. Our standards are well beyond the ordinary mortuary  service in the DFW area. 

Our mission is to bridge the relationship for Funeral Homes in search of forensic autopsies.

24/7 Monitoring & Surveillance


Our facility has 24/7 surveillance and a state-of-the art video surveillance and security system. We take pride and making sure that all loved ones in our care are without a doubt secured and protected at all times.

Who We Are


Angel Wings/DFW Mortuary was founded on the core principles of integrity, value and superior service. With numerous years of experience in both the mortuary and funeral home atmospheres, we understand the value of quality and service that our customers expect.


We strive to meet the expectations of our clients and the communities they serve by understanding that we become an extension of our customers when called to action.


Angel Wings/DFW Mortuary is dedicated to providing excellent service, quality work, and offer the same compassion that our clients come to expect.


We are strategically partnered with American Forensics to provide services that are conveniently located within the same accredited facility to better serve the Funeral Industry.

Why Choose Us


Angel Wings/DFW Mortuary is founded by a team of leading professionals with numerous years of dedicated service in the mortuary industry.


Our team is readily available to assist you in all your mortuary needs with a level of professionalism and quality that meets your standards.


We provide the highest level of quality that exceeds the industry standard with a personal level of service.

Call us (972) 807-6228


We are here to answer your questions.

Angel Wings/DFW Mortuary Services

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Angel Wings/DFW Mortuary is dedicated to providing excellent service and quality work, while offering the same compassion that our clients have come to expect.